(France and Germany: some known cases) 
Those are articles translated from french newspapers or books and never attacked by the cult.
1/ The naked corpse on Larzac Mountains' Plateau
2/ Scientology: those other suicides (plus some declares from the Public Prosecutor)
3/ Jean LOUIS H----- left us.
4/ NARCONON: death of Ms. Dorfmann
5/ Dead in GERMANY - (added March 3d): Konrad Aigner


January --, 1985,
(c) Maria Dutron
translated by Roger gonnet
That night, it was terribly cold on the Larzac plateau: around 0°F, -15°C. But Gerard M------ leaves the farm where he was for year's end, and get out naked. He was found dead  some hours later.
Plateau du Larzac, envoyée spéciale.
(Larzac is a high wild rural plateau in mountains center south of France; it's a  continental climate area with winds and storms blowing and low temperatures in winter, nt)

He thought being God and wanted to save the world. Gerard M-----, a 38 years old computerist from Paris area, is dead from cold on the Larzac Plateau during the night between 29th and 30th of December, 1984.
Gerard M-------- was an adept from scientology church. A bit depressed since some days, he went to see his children an his ex-wife in the Aveyron Department. Saturday, he was by Pierric N------ and Jean-Paul S-------, cattle breaders in B------, from the Ste E------- village: a quiet day around the fire.  Around the end of the day, he becomes agitated, and more and more nervous. He says he has walked to La Roche Percée, a cave suspended in the river Dourbie's valley. He hoped to find there his ancestral origins because his grandfather came once there to look the land. Then stupor! Gerard   says he's had a revelation. He says he was a sort of super-messiah, explains that Jesus is dead to have saved his mother, the Earth. Persuaded to be elected for a divine mission, he says Millau [the town near] will become the new Jerusalem, and that the entire world will come here to pray. The proof? when he came in the cave, and got his face buried  in the cave's soil, he saw the sun in the earth's basement.

This evening  he demands strongly to be brought back to the cave where he wants to assist to the sunrise. His friends get him a bit calmer, and pull him in the bed near 11 P.M.
At four A.M., dogs are barking and wake up the persons of the house. Gerard is no longer here; his friends think first he is out to take some air. One hour later, he is not back. Worried, his friends start to search him. And on sunrise, the military police (gendarmerie) is informed. It's on eleven A.M. that his body is found some hundred meters from the farm. Gerard is totally naked. Obviously dead of cold, because that night, the temperature was around 0°F, -15°C, and the wind blasting powerfully.

In the country, people spoke of a ritual suicide. Annie, his hex-wife, denied this completely.
(see  my recent observations about the case after the article)
To-day, she's attacking back and accuses the church of scientology to have influenced him in this crazy overnight errand. A brilliant engineer, cultured, loving his good easy life of high executive, the character of Gerard had wrecked since he met the cult two years ago. Gaining some 60000$ a year (much in France in 84, nt) he found himself in big debt, to the point of being no longer able to pay for his rent. Annie says: "Gerard acknowledged having spent more than 80000$ to the cult in 84. Even his Spare book for House Buying, onto which he had 30000$, is now void. His guru having demonstrated him that it is better to have  knowledge than a country, the scientologists have litteraly pressured him."

Those two years, Gerard M------ got many scientology steps : UK, Denmark, USA. He participated to a seminar in Paris area. His ex-wife says that the people there "are filled up with vitamins, forced to run and get many sauna sessions a week". But is the game not worth the candle? They promise to the elected ones to survive through a nuclear conflict.

Gerard M------ also practiced auditing, sessions of pseudo-psychoanalysis, where one is linked to a lie detector. Finally, adepts have also to convert friends and especially, the family: the children of Gerard, 12 and 14, were not saved of this. Strict Moral: "Every morning, says Annie, they had to learn from a lecture on tape with some electronic music. Each day, the father exposed some tracts upon the walls, with  maxims speaking of love and church's precepts."

Last result, according to Annie, Gerard became strongly reaganian, anti-communist and obsessed by war against drugs.

Marie Dutron

Some present informations about the case: first, the name of Gerard M-- is anonymized for strict reasons of confidentiality regarding Gerard's ex-wife and more, regarding his children  now 23 and 27, but having still to live with this tragedy in mind, and still probably in doubt about what happened.

More informations could be gotten from the Public Prosecutor in MILLAU, Aveyron, because as far as we know, there has been an autopsy whose results were undisclosed for some unknown reason (unknown for me at the moment). 1st Judge Prosecutor/instruction judge Geoge Fenech could also have some inklings about the situation.

The most salient fact seems to be that Gerard had not only to fill up lots of vitamins and minerals, but was as well asked (by the scientology group?? we'll not know easily, most probably) to take as well another product of the amphetamin's group, something that was not possible to buy legally OR ILLEGALLY in France; this amphetamin could be of the group of well known ectasy/ecstazy. It is nevertheless more than probable that Gerard suffered a psychotic break due to multiple causes, one of which could be some drug abuse, related or unrelated to scientology doctrines (whatver those doctrines or demands of the group were "on-tech" in the group, or "disavowed" by the group, the other ones being most certainly the results inferred by scientology doctrines, beliefs, indoctrination, and strong pressures about an otherwise solid and intelligent person.

From what I know presently, the possibility of such drug abuse does not "speak" to me; having left in 82/83, i knew for sure that nobody ever asked us in Lyon's organization ,officially or not  in scientology, to give drug advices to anybody while on or out of the Purification "rundown"; that some persons could have invented some "new tech" and asked some clients to take new special drugs is nevertheless impossible to deny neither to confirm. The autopsy report should be made available.

I cannot confirm those fact for the moment, having interviewed the person by phone.

Roger Gonnet

October 1996, 8th  - LIBERATION
Patrice VIC was 31. An industriel designer, he suffered since two years of light depression. Without apparent severuty. Patrice was working on temporary employment basis. And needed to be always on top... then, indeed..." explained his spouse Nelly in Court.

Six months after having found scientology in Lyon, Patrice Vic commited suicide by jumping from the window. To Nelly, unable to impede it, he says:"Don't hold me back, it's the only solution". The complaint deposed by the young woman is the origin of the suit against 23 lyonnais scientologists.

"Scientology killed my husband", did she say.

The case is not unique in France. Three young adepts  meet death those last years.
Those three broken family did not go in the mourning before justice, but their witnessing to the ADFI [french CAN] the main association struggling against cults, are nonetheless very accusing. Before committing suicide, one of those victims even left a message explaining that his death desire came from scientology. His relatives did not get the force necessary to witness officialy their martyrdom. A pain cover fall on those families.

Ms. M., mother of Thierry, dead 24 after a "travel" in scientology,  was the only one accepting to give in writing her son's account.

May 1989, somewhere in Normandy, Thierry, with his frail mind, is just out of a sojourn in psychiatric hospital. He's still on treatment when scientology church takes him. The guy give total confidence to those "cult ministers", who write him two or three times a week. He's soon no longer eating; and working "to walk" whole nights along.

"Scientologists have done a tremendous destruction's job" write Ms. M.
Since they cultivated the hate against his whole family, his uncle - he adored him -, his brother, his grandfather who loved him so much, and myself. He said being able to get a perfect memory, saying from his recalls I had made him suffer since he was a small child. That he would sue me. Everything I could do or say to reassure him was only making him angry. Two weeks before his death, he was near to strangle me and had let me down  unconscious  on the ground. Those people are crooks. They extorted his only money, an handicapped adult pension of less than 500$ a month (2900FF).


Scientologists in such cases, accuse others saying that those "desperate" were "so much ill" before initiation to scientology. Whilst the hearings, we nevertheless learned that a newcomer (in scientology) being under psychiatric care had first to stop any treatment as soon as he enters in the organization. "Psychiatry is incompatible with scientology" recognnized the main accused, Jean-Jacques MAZIER, the ex - Lyon executive sued for involuntary death.

Some contracts - with not the least juridical value - hand copied and signed by any newcomers make us guess the worst, from the start. The undersigner promises to adhere to a scientology rule called "Acceptable Behaviour of a Student". He has to go bed at midnight, sleeping 7 or 8 hours, eating a correct balanced food, and working enough to make a living.
Here the copy of this contract in photo; second part of it here:


Subtle sophistication, a special alinea indicates" I undersigned, X,  will not hold scientology church of any responsability in case of [my] suicide".
Nathalie GILLOT 

On the same newspaper, same day, the public prosecutor Thierry RICARD is quoted; here is what he said about the cult:

"We are really before a money pump, always demanding, never giving back"
"A sectarian company of international size, having no other aims than trade, using dangerous methods building severe lasting troubles for the public order of our country".
"Are we looking at a washing money machine? We don't know, but one can question it."
"This suit is the one of destructive methods having led M. Patrice Vic to commit suicide, suffering to the extent of being unable to think of his ill child next room, and without a look to his wife".
(Nathalie GILLOT)

(Name erased for readers; the parents do not want to speak everyone of this tragedy)
("Haut Doubs"page of a local newspaper, Friday 7, Dec 1990; unsigned article)

Victim of a traffic accident in Genevrier (Haute-Marne department), Jean-Louis H----. found his death at 27.
Jean-Louis H---,son of Michel H-----, (profession) in V-----  and of Ms H. born Madeleine R., was born the July 15th, 1964. After  professional courses in Jules Haag College in Besançon, Jean-Louis got his degree in BTA and went to Paris to find a job. It's while going there that he found his death.
Jean-Louis was a soft man, with some timidity : he was not showing  his works outside of family. His designs, pictures or portrays, as well as models, left at home, show his artistic abilities.

The funerals will be celebrated this friday at 14:30 in V------- Church. To his parents, we present our sensible regrets.

This article does not show some other facts witnessed in ADFI by Jean-Louis best friends;
Here are some excerpts/resumes from his witnessing:

First on the guy named Jean-Louis H-----, found dead in his car, 27, after a
crash. Had been a scieno since one year, left scieno six months before being
dead. Never recovered, says his mother Mme Madeleine H--- on phone. Graduate
of secondary agricultural (?) college.

Some details: came into scientology by the book he found in a public library in
Pontarlier (East France town). Spent 39200 FF for the purif. Plus 16720 for 12
1/2 auditing hours. Had spent 60000 after six months, or another 60000FF(? - unclear from witnessing), signed his contract to go
on staff, was living in his car in the city.

Was promised he'd have the minimum wage to start
with, and 6000FF/month after one year. That was after 2/3 months of
scientology.  Defined scientology to his parents as "a family"; seems to have
been trapped by some "ad for a family", but i did not get what sort of what, his
mother does not know, -----

Decided to go staff on DK, his best friend trying to get him out was almost
forbidden to get in touch with him. Has been three days only in DK (got there in
his car, found it terrible for food, accomodation, sleeping time etc). Came back
to Paris somewhere in Feb or Jan?

Left the staff March 2, 90.

Came back  on the staff some days after.

Wrote a letter to his best friend in April; saying he'll no longer pay anything
to scientology. He's "routed off" from staff and scientology, on May 15th.

Then he worked apparently normally in June, July, Aug, as a taxi driver (nights

End of August, he indicated his friend that scientology has said him that as he
was unable to work for them, he'll be unable to do anything else. Very
depressed, according his friend's declare (from where most of these data come).

October 90, November 90, Jean-Louis is back in his birth area; speaks with his
friend which helps him out with ADFI help; which tried to get the refund for
him, but scientologists make nothing, though very well informed by the friend of
the profound depression of Jean-Louis, and informed that their responsability
could be engaged in his possible suicide.

3 Dec 90, his friend saw him the last time. He announced his friend that he'll see him again in ...Heaven.

He was dead on Dec 4th, in his car.

His mother confirmed me some things: The son was very shy,
and after a work accident, has to find some readings; got DMSMH in Pontarlier.
Found apparently this announce to "have a family" or something of the sort. Well
received there - in scientology - went somewhat helping (the mother seems to
ignore more or less that her son spent so much money).

After some months (she does not know how much time he went through the scam), he
was much changed, "was no longer her son", she said. Parents seem to ignore what is the real cause
of his death, which seems quite strange for the newspaper article speaks of car
accident. The mother said to me that they did not want to know, they were too
disturbed, wanted nothing else.

She resumes that " her son was inhabited by bad spirits".

Said also that "scientologists forbid him to write or speak of what he was doing
by them, that he had to swear never saying anything on this".

Death of Mme Dorfmann
(resume of some articles end 1984)

Jocelyne Dorfmann died from an uncured   epilepsy crisis  after having been accepted in Narconon center in Grancey sur Ource, a village near Dijon.

MM Mahieu, the director, 57, and Philippe Chavanne, "course supervisor" admitted to have accepted Mme Jocelyne Dorfmann, 34, 2 children, in their Narconon - scientology managed - center.

Arrived at 3 p.m. with what lloked to be an epilepsy crisis, it's only near 22pm that Director Mahieu called the Hospital services (very distant).

They got sued for non-helping an endangered person. They got some jail (I've still to find out the specifics on this).

At that time, Narconon theories were supported by Professor LEPINE from Paris University and by the Mayor (he's still the Mayor in 1998) of Grancey sur Ource (Côte d'Or department), who had certainly not seen the dangers of incompetency in medical matters for people "managing" a center aimed at druggies cures.

Newspapers speak of "the suit for incompetency" of this center, which was pretending to get at least 80% successful results on druggies.

(This death and other things have launched a more than 100 policemen raid on 3 $$cientology locations in Münich, in Feb 1998)


Passau New Press carried an article on Konrad Aigner, the Scientologist
who died and led in part to the raid on the Munich org to get records of
his mistreatment in Scientology.

"Three years ago Konrad Aigner unexpectedly moved back to the house of his
birth. In the meantime his father had died. Konrad threw away his secure
civil service job and became independently employed with a used bus. 'That
way I can earn a lot of money, so I can move up the Bridge as soon as
possible', he told his mother Anna, today 76 years old. The 'Bridge' -
that means 'salvation' for Scientologists.  'In the last two years Konrad
changed. He was tense, nervous, thoughtful', said Bernhard. The family
often spoke about it and came to the conclusion that it must have had to
do with the worries that come with self-employment.

"Only after Konrad's death in August, 1997 was the personal catastrophe
apparent. The first time his brothers and sisters entered his room. Books,
pamphlets, letters - Scientology documents everywhere. Bernhard said, 'We
had no idea that he was in it so deep.' The bachelor left behind a
financial ruin. Forms showed that he had within the last few months given
about 70,000 marks over to the organization. It must have been over
600,000 marks, estimates Barnhard Aigner, in the course of the years.
'Konrand made good money and was very frugal. He never bought a new car,
never went on vacation and had no hobbies. In spite of that he left only

"Witnesses testify that Konrad had often tried to throw off the chains of
the sect. He poured his heart out to a doctor, with whom he had been
friends for a long time, 'I want to get out, because I've changed for the
negative. I have finally seen through the group.' The doctor offered his
help. Months later Konrad showed up at his place for the last time,
'Everything's all right, things are moving again.' About one year ago he
tearfully said to his mother, 'Mom, I want to get away from them. I have
learned something so terrible that if I were to tell you, you would fall
dead on the spot.' But Konrad stayed with them until the end. Konrad
Aigner died in August 1997 after being delivered to a Swabian hospital and
after a three-week coma: multiple organ collapse - heart, lungs and
stomach had simultaneously shut down. Neither did the autopsy bring an
explanation. 'For his age the man had unusually poor organs', reported
Chief District Attorney Helmut Meier-Staude.

"Vitamin pills from the Netherlands were found among Conrad Aigner's
possessions. It is suspected that Scientologists encouraged him to take
them. For that reason a charge against the pharmaceutical and medical laws
will be pursued."

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