"Scientology snake biting its own cross"

Please, english readers, excuse my dull english, it's not my mother language and i've learned it at 35,  and have passed no more than one month in english speaking countries.
List by author of the texts translated in french (up-to-date on March 10th 98)

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  1. Ukraine: How much Happiness would you like for your money? a very complete article translated from Russian, april 2006 - and a second one from St Petersburg (Russia)
  2. coeurShame contracts to be signed off by missions and clients of scientology "missions" - specially interesting since the term "sectarian" is used to define Hubbard's works
  3. 13. Shame contracts between the IHELP pastors, their clients and the cult
  4. Shame Contract from scientology as an employer (aboard the Apollo Star boat from the Sea Org)
  5. Most interesting : original methods used by scientology to steal, burglarize, train its agents to lie, commit crimes etc. 2,5 meg pdf document, more than 50 original reformatted , partly searchable
  6. (english only)Un couple de religieux juifs tente d'obtenir les mêmes avantages indus que la scientologie auprès du fisc américain: décision : refus motivé en cour d'appel...(deux poids deux mesures?)
  7. (17 nov 2005) Criminal attorneys of the crime cult do attack once again this website!
  8. "Justice" - but the scientology way: this document in english, 100 pages long, is an exemple of the internal crazy and libelous justice system in scientology (4500 K, PDF)
  9. The worse document of justice for the scientology reputation - a must: Mary Sue Hubbard et al. vs USA, memorandum. La plus sévère des mises en examen qu'ait subi la scientologie et ses chefs mondiaux
  10. The biggest scientology book - a publication effort mostly fabricated to appear religious - 6,4 Kg, with 11 photos.
  11. (german text) Scientologie Sekt Unwahrheiten zum swiss Autoritäten
  12. Illustrated guide to scientology secrets and history! by L. Rick Vodicka: attention: the author has been lied to and scientology has attempted to cut his artwork. 4,2 megas
  13. Scientology lost two complaints before the highest administrative Court (State Council, may 2005)
  14. Some falsities from scientology about religions.
  15. Aggravated human rights human rights violations by scientology and recognition by Hubbard that it is dangerous
  16. Major Article added --Article Majeur ajouté: LIFE Magazine en novembre 1968 (english only) (30 déc 2004) - seems to never have been on a website?
  17. Swiss report on cults and indoctrinating groups
  18. Jehovah's Witnesses and french taxes
  19. Total cost of scientology for the planet: ca 500 trillions dollars
  20. Robert Vaughn Young affidavit versus Rinder lies, (Rinder is OSA chief for scientology crime cult)
  21. Bad coups in french justice: victims of scientology wake up
  22. Canada: major appeal lost by scientology (guilty of various breaches, like theft in government, espionage etc)
  23. Cassation (Supreme) Court confirms scientology sentence (october 2004)
  24. Autopsie d'une scientologue décédée pendant qu'elle était "soignée" par des scientologues et la secte: Autopsy of scientologists "cured" by the cult: Carrie Slaughterbeck
  25. Document demonstrating that scientology was using spies against medical associations [unpublished before]
  26. Shame Contract between scientology management and any "Mission" [commercial franchises of the cult]
  27. Scientology tries to make profits on Iraqis kids back (april 2003)
  28. Last large work: law thesis about scientology in France (nov 2002) (french only)
  29. English only: Scientology and human rights? A vast mockery from scientology. (fév 2003)
  30. Scientology: some critical definitions (dec 2002)
  31. My suits with the crime cult .(nov 2002)
  32. The official Interministerial Mission to Combat Cults 2001 report in english (PDF)
  33. Der offiziel bericht MILS 2001 in deutsch (PDF)
  34. Trial won - Procès : j'ai gagné le premier le 29 janvier 2002
  35. another SHAME contract that scientology churches ask their clients to sign up (jan 2002)
  36. Trial: scientology attorney moxon against roger gonnet (15/1/2002)
  37. European Ministers announce their measures regarding the cults and religions
  38. Guy Claude Burger, Instinctotherapy cult guru, sentenced to 15 years jail for pedophily (dec 2001)
  39. Cults in USA: Secular Society at stake (Le Monde Diplomatique, may 2001)
  40. Other lies from Introvigne about the new french law - the webmaster would be a "mercenary for french secret services"! (june 17th, 2001)
  41. Happy Christmas in Scientology!
  42. La Loi About-Picard est passée le 30 mai. Elle permettra de juguler les mouvements sectaires criminels - The new Law against criminal cults has passed in France - it should be able to stop criminal cults
  43. The new Law against criminal cults has passed in france: Cesnur lies about it!
  44. the most suppressive stamp in the world
  45. Cults and USA: US elections: Cults have already won! - important text upon secret US services and cults, including criminal ones (2 nov 2000)
  46. The picture "The Profit" (against cults or cult)- Le Film "PROFIT" contre les sectes ou la secte. - Cannes , festival 2001
  47. the french protestant federation says: US are informed through biased sources - le président de la fédération protestante: les USA sont informés par des gens partiaux (mai 2001)
  48. The american minister does not answer to the french governement, about cultic problems. Why??
  49. French Congress shall discuss a Bill against Cults // Les députés français vont discuter d'une loi antisectes spécifique. - June 2000 Another here
  50. Scientology organization in Paris again sent to trial by a major judge (april 2001)
  51. about the scientology company Earthlink
  52. How the St Petersburg Times saw the french Bill against Cults
  53. - Clinton endorsing Freedom, the scieno libelous mag?
  54. The complete text of Lyon Court of appeal: part two entirely translated - the most interesting one; part 1 partly translated, part three here (circa 50K  apiece)(THIS TEXT SHOWS THAT, as it is, scientology can still be considered a FRAUD in France.(Feb.9,  98)
  55. Incredible: some US congressmen dare to lie grossly in an international affair - scientology obviously implicated. Lies and errors abound in this "US resolution" before the Congress
  56. Why do scientologists complain against everybody else??
  57. In "Le Monde": the faked "commission of experts" to combat... France
  58. Ability Magazine, a Hubbard delirium about regulations he wished to be made against medicine and psychiatry etc.
  59. (oct 2000) Another interesting text: the treatment of cults by US authorities
  60. How the cult codes and words its secret activities documents so as not to be disclosed to authorities (oct 2000)
  61. Judge Moracchini should lose her folders of the scientology suit (oct 2000)
  62. What scientologists do think about the "POWER"
  63. same topic as above, a long article partly translated
  64. What are now doing the first Clears (elites) of the cult, (1967)
  65. An original essay disproving scientology "religiousness", april 5, 2000
  66. an original study on the OT 3 delirium from L. Ron Hubbard, - the wall of fire scientifically criticized (oct 2000)
  67. They complain against me - saying I'm intending to BOMB them!! (september 22, 2000)
  68. Some rapid thoughts about US respect of the Universal Human Rights Declaration - sept 2000
  69. The most complete declaration of an ex-scientologist - complex and long. Crimes, suicides, scandals, stars...
  70. UN ready to complain about the raelians - UNESCOR worried about their abusive use of Unesco name. (sept 2000)
  71. demonstration that manual work is superior to auditing and OT levels to make "superior beings". (aug 2000)
  72. Top! The catholic Professor helping scientology does not exists, has not presided any Oecumenical Council, neither worked with the Popes... "aug 2000)
  73. PENTHOUSE: the complete article with interview of L. Ron Hubbard junior!!
  74. Funny definitions for scientology words or expressions (Barb's idea, then various authors)
  75. A part of an article from L. Ron Hubbard, as a demonstration of totalitarism (Ability magazine, near 1952)
  76. CLEARWATER 1999: The picket and my proposals to get US govt more aware of what is at stake regarding Scientology (le même en français: ici)
  77. Clearwater: Bob Minton comes in France (Apr 2000)
  78. Margaret Singer & Richard Ofshe: Attacks on Peripheral versus Central Elements of Self and the Impact of Thought Reforming Techniques
  79. : is scientology a religion, from Pr. Kent, jan 6th 2000. (100 K) (disponible sous word sur demande - possible under word format: mail here)
  80. Lot of fun with this article from Liberation national Newspaper on scientology photography tricks! (jan 7th, 2000)
  81. Le Monde: Scientologists summoning french govt members before a sort of Court (march 2000)
  82. The documents "indicting" french officials before the "court" (march 2000)
  83. déposition majeure sous serment de Robert Vaughn Young en anglais - introduction (23/2/2000)
  84. Déposition complète de Robert Vaughn Young en anglais - 525 K zippé
  85. The complete open letter from Prof. Benjamin Beit Hallahmi to sociologists of religion "Integrity in NRM research"
  86. THE MARSEILLE RULING TRANSLATED; bilingual 73 K zipped - November 1999
  87. Three and half Tons of scientology files disappear in Marseille's justice (1999)
  88. French state condemned to pay 20000 F damages to ex-members of scientology (jan 2000)
  89. Org behaviour vary much: a theory about the reasons behind these differences between orgs. (may 2000)
  90. Excellent study from a german expert (132K) :http://www.innenministerium.bayern.de/english/ekeltsch.htm - existing in french and german
  91. defense is also organized in Cyprus: 1st european congress against coercive cults - the final text (1999)
  92. ENGLISH: a critic of the last report 1999 from US congress onto Religious Freedom in the world (Sept 11, 1999)
  93. Happily: the Power and the Treason, out-of-timeline text presented by roger gonnet for ars-literati 85 K
  94. Introvigne the european chief apologist criticizing Internet "terrorrists" : my reply, and his lies. (14 août 99)
  95. The suits against scientology reopened in France (june 99)
  96. Scientology and its highest "suppressives" (sept 99)
  97. The complete and reformatted text (170K) of the english charity Commission having refused the religious and charitable status to the scientology cult
  98. Scientologists want to conquer Kosovo (Aug 99)
  99. OSCE, human rights and European conference in Vienna, march 99: France position regarding the accusations; accusations of hysteria by CESNUR chief
  100. Last amended complaint against scientology: Michael Pattinson's suit, feb 99 (12 counts).120 K
  101. How did Hubbard answer to "his" mails? (faked answers)
  102. Post criticizing the introductory film to scientology (bilingual) Feb 99
  103. Very important memorandum from the american psychology association about coercive psychological techniques (showing that the topic is not yet terminated, contrarily to the apologist's lying theories).
  104. From the book "Hands onto Justice" from the Prosecutor Georges Fenech (Mai 98)
  105. A sentence against a scientologist violating the Informatized Filing (may 98)
  106. Garry Scarff Last AFFIDAVIT - showing that the scientologists have ordered murders recently. (Apr 26th, 1998)
  107. Interesting initiative in a Swiss University: students have to determine if scientology is a religion or not
  108. The proof that they don't want you to progress for yourself on their 'Bridge' (Apr16)
  109. Switzerland: extracts from a ruling sending 4 scientologists to Court, for fraud, usury, extortion, and constraint (March 24th, 98) plus 4 other articles about switzerland situation (Sept 98)
  110. The highest level in scientology described by one of its victims (Ariane Jackson, March 19th , 1998)TOP SECRET FOR NOTHING!
  111. Prices for "services" in scientology? CRAZY! (March 11 /98)
  112. resume of a french TV show (nov 97, du fer dans les épinards)
  113. Some figures about the real stats of scientologists (March 12. 98)
  114. The secret level OT1 : by Hubbard's hand (March 17th)
  115. a small mission beats Flag on results
  116. Some extracts of rulings adverse to scientology (1997, libel affairs) (March 2d, 98)
  117. Some extracts from 4 rulings in French State Council, Paris Court of Appeal and Trade Courts, showing that scientology is not considered a religion in France. (23/2/98)
  118. Articles related to french deaths in scientology, and the above text (Feb 2d. 98)
  119. article on French Lyon' Court of Appeal suit here (aug97)
  120. small part of my book on OCA  Scientology manual of testing and IQ testing (added to 26th Sept)
  121. article on how I experimented OT secret levels
  123. Clintons: Cults' friends?
  124. New-York Post, Feb 12, 98: Travolta admits Bill used sects appeal to woo him
  125. Self-confession: Did I killed or helped to kill people, while a scientologist? (Dec97)
  126. Laughing: an interpretation of the symbols on the cover of "What is Scientology" book.
  127. The illegal secret settlement between american Internal Revenue Service and scientology (Jan 98) (188K)
  128. "Le FIGARO" (big national newspaper) : Clearwater, scientology capital, Jan 13Th, 1998
  129. French appeal court first considerations (Jan 22 , 1998)
  130. Extraordinary list of Internet domains reserved by clams-scienos.(Feb 5, 98)




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